Poster Pamphlet

We are happy to welcome our latest product line, Poster Pamphlet, which locally in Japan is known as an, eiga chirashi (映画チラシ) or "movie flyers". They are typically distributed in cinema lobbies to promote current and future movie releases.

The design of this movie memorabilia often takes form as a miniature replica of the film's movie poster but includes promotional photos and information about the film, like the synopsis, cast or behind the scenes secrets to the film's creation.

The standard size of these poster pamphlets are a single B5 sheet (at approximately 7"x10" or 18cmx26cm). Some sizes may vary and are printed on an A4 sheet. They are often a single sheet (with 2 sides) or a 2-page "gatefold" (with 4 sides).

These poster pamplets have a custom design created specifically for the Japanese market. These disctinctive Japanese designs on the poster pamphlets, and even film posters, are often different to the artwork available in other countries. In many cases, the Japanese design is superior due to the commissioned artists, and include innovative releases like fold-out posters and specialty prints impossible to find elsewhere.

These movie memorabilias rise in value based on age, condition and scarcity. Which is why we have taken the liberty of framing these poster pamphlets to preserve the condition and to add colour and class to your walls at home, in the office or conference room, or even the bathroom! Otherwise, allow these pieces to grace your desk for some inspiration each day. Check out our newest product line today because they might be the perfect present for your loved one!

written by Raine Baljak

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