Poster Sizes

Prior to ordering a frame, please ensure to measure your poster as sizes can vary.

STB Tatekan Posters

These tall and slender Japanese STB format stands 5 feet tall measuring at 20 x 29 inches known as a Tatekan or Tatsumi Poster, which translates to a standing or signboard poster uniquely available only in Japan. View our STB Posters.

B0 Size Posters

Ideal for outdoor promotions as they measure 1414 x 1000 mm (55.12 x 39.37 in) thereby very large, making it virtually impossible for people to miss it. This also means that a lot of space is used to showcase and convey a visually powerful message... such as our one-of-a-kind posters. View our B0 Posters.

B1 Size Posters

Measure 707 x 1000 mm (39.37 x 27.83 in), which are ideal as outdoor promotional material due to the large surface space for more complex design and content. View our B1 Posters.

B2 Size Posters

Measure at 500 x 707 mm (27.83 x 19.69 in) which are perfect sizes for your bedroom walls, study room, lounge or living room. They are great promotional materials, both indoor and outdoor. View our B2 Posters.

B3 Size Posters

Considered small as they measure at 353 x 500 mm (13.9 x 19.7 in) and in Japan, they are normally found to advertise inside trains and buses to capture the eye of the passenger for the duration of their journey; which is why the backside would normally provide information to the viewer. View our B3 Posters.