About Us

Japan Poster Shop is a unqiue boutique based between Tokyo and London.

Our Gallery specializes in rare, original, vintage and contemporary Japanese film (aka. movie) posters, from the 1920s to the present because of the shared fascination our founders, Mr. and Mrs. Fujiwara-Lieven, have for the creative and bizarre design these Japanese Posters have compared to their Western counterparts. 

Together they set-up the Japan Poster Shop to deliver these genuine and eye-catching Japanese posters from their Tokyo doorstep in the Land of the Rising Sun, to your private and public walls.

Our founders' fiery passion for Japanese poster art was ignited during long trips to various antique markets of Tokyo.

One area is Jinbōchō, named after a samurai, Nagaharu Jinbō, who is member of Jinbō clan and lived in the area at the end of the 17th century. These days, Jinbōchō is known as Tokyo's center for vintage bookshops focusing on photography, contemporary art, and movie memorabilia, among other artsy genres that fall under the catch-all heading of 'Pop Culture'.

We deal the actual theatre-used promotional material printed in limited quantity and displayed when a film was released during their time.

We offer posters that are in excellent, to near mint condition, covering over eight decades of film history. 

Our main focus is Japanese Posters across the following genres:

1. Ultra Rare Japanese Film Posters

2. International Japanese Film Posters

3. Yakuza Film Posters

4. Adult Film Posters

Our prices vary depending on film title, rarity, condition, nationality and overall collectability, and desirability of the item.

Upon request, we will gladly arrange custom framing, and local or international shipping to suit your needs.

We add Class and Character to your environment with our Japanese Film Posters.