"Female Yakuza Boss (女組長  Oona Kumicho)", Original Release Movie Poster 1970, B2 Size

"Female Yakuza Boss (女組長 Oona Kumicho)", Original Release Movie Poster 1970, B2 Size

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Actors: Kyoko Enami, Mikio Narita, Satoshi Sato

Condition: Very Good 

  • Director/Screenplay: Makino Masahiro
  • Script: Ichiro Miyagawa

Production year: 1970 / Production country: Japan / Production: Daiei Tokyo Studio
distribution: Daiei

The story is set in Shimbashi neighborhood at the end of the Meiji era, and the head of the fire extinguishing group has died, and is forced into a predicament by the brute force of the new gangster, but the daughter's Shimbashi geisha searches for a mystery, and finally his father's revenge. We will revitalize the group.

With a lively dream always drawn by insane ordinary people, a holding that plays an active part in fires called Edo flowers and the world of Geisha Shinbashi, the director of the Meiji era, Masaki Masahiro, who is well-established, welcomes him. It fully depicts Kip's preference for the living people.

Kyoko Enami, dressed as a Shinbashi geisha, has a faint scent. Accompanied by actors Satoshi, Masahiko Tsugawa, Mikio Narita, Seiji Hiraizumi, Shuji Sano, Douji Mizushima, Nobuo Kaneko and actors who have appeared in the actresses, the actresses will appear as co-stars. The first is Isuzu Yamada, who has appeared in Daiei for the first time in seven years since the Emperor Hata, and has Kumi Mizuno, Junko Yatsushiro, and Reiko Kasahara. In addition, Frankie Sakai and Saburo Hanabuchi have made friendship appearances to form a gorgeous cast.

Yoshihisa Nakagawa makes a good screen shot.